Lipper Leader® Asset Allocation Series

The world’s best managers meet the world’s best asset allocation system.


FundaQuant: Our Fundamental + Quantitative Equity Research Process

We use this system to screen the equity universe to the best companies and help set forecasts.


Global Quant: Our Country Risk Factor Model

We use this to adjust the forecasts for securities within a country based on the macro-economic conditions conducive to supporting superior performance


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We have successfully applied Diversification Optimization to numerous strategies. We refer to any portfolio created with this process as being Diversification Weighted®. See Performance of Various Weighting Schemes; performance presentation

strategies diagram
Core Portfolio Lists Descriptions Investment Count Time Horizon
Defensive Core A defensive core is comprised of stocks, mutual funds and ETF’s with a principal focus on capital preservation ~15 Intermediate to Long
Core Income A selection of ETF and mutual fund investments providing current yield. Tactically shifted about duration risk and stock bond blend within defined boundaries ~15 Intermediate to Long
Equity Income Equity producing income securities proving a smart blend of protection, opportunity and yield ~40 Intermediate to long
Flex Global Balance (Tactical) An unconstrained sector, industry, and country oriented model incorporating diverse market segments around the globe, mostly ETF’s based but may contain other security types ~40 Intermediate
Global Balance (Strategic) Asset class opportunities covering the spectrum of diversification potential with long term strategic horizons ~40 – 60 Short to Intermediate
Core Growth US stocks representing companies worth owning for the long haul, integrates macro-economic positioning with bottom up security analysis. ~30 – 40 Intermediate to Long
Global Quant Equity International Equity ETF based on country level macro scoring system merged with fund specific valuations ~20 – 60 Intermediate
FundaQuant U.S. Equities A fundamental, structural screening and scoring system applied to ~ 5000 U.S. list stocks that adjusts each data point to an expected return adjustment factor 20 Min., rec. 50 – 200 Intermediate


Satellite/Overlay Lists Descriptions Candidate Count Time Horizon
Tactical Alpha Gravity’s internal tactical plays, typically ETF’s, including commodities, currencies, yield curve and volatility ideas ~7 Short to Intermediate
Equity Income Equity producing income securities proving a smart blend of protection, opportunity and yield ~40 Intermediate to long
Select Equity Our 10 favorite story stocks 10 Short to Intermediate
Crisis Overlay A diversified model capable of producing positive returns in a negative equity environment ~10 Short to Intermediate

Investment Strategies