Over the past decade, more than $20 billion has been managed by Financial Advisor partners utilizing Gravity’s technology.

One of our objectives is to assist your firm with the ability to dynamically build assets under management utilizing our unique, patented 3D portfolio-weighting system. We can help you grow your high net worth client base; and enable you to differentiate yourself as a True Diversification® advisor/agent in your area. Learn More

Value Proposition Highlights.

  • Simplicity - The job of preserving capital in turbulent markets will be made easier by using our proven patented technology.
  • Efficiency – With the application of the Gravity proprietary models, improve portfolio incremental performance, gain time back in your schedule to focus on developing new business.

Where we began…In 2000, James Damschroder had a flash of genius which inspired the creation of the robust software application Gsphere, which is the foundation of the Gravity’s investment approach. Gsphere embraces powerful 3D diversification patented technology, “this technology analyzes stocks to determine whether they are truly uncorrelated or just appear to look that way.”¹

Today… As Gravity Investments, LLC became interrelated in their client’s portfolio strategy architecture and performance optimization; it became a natural progression to start a Registered Investment Advisory affiliate. Thus, Gravity Capital Partners was formed in 2010.

Gravity continues to be the front runner for additional enhancements to the Gsphere software, currently providing a best-in-class optimal tool for advisors, independent broker dealers and independent RIA firms. The software is a major value-added benefit of partnering with Gravity and is distributed through a SAAS Gsphere.net delivery model. It is readily available to Financial Advisors and other institutions participating in the True Diversification® network.

Overview… Despite the widespread acceptance of diversification as an integral investment benefit for portfolio construction, the fact remains that there has not been a real genuine method to quantify either diversification’s existence or the diversification’s effect on a portfolio, until the invention of Gsphere. Gravity can show you through rigorous research completed on real-life portfolios, a tried and true method to effectively measure and manage diversification with maximum risk mitigation.

In the industry today, 3D diversification, not risk, is being merited as the focus for portfolio optimization and asset allocation construction.

Excerpt from Wall Street & Technology: Using 3-D modeling also addresses the 2-D limitation of correlating assets as pairs, Rossi says. “There are few people who can glean the nuances of information presented in a two-dimensional table of 30 rows by 30 columns, he asserts.” In 3-D, each asset’s relationship with all of the others in the portfolio leaps off the computer screen.” Quote by Vincent Rossi of Intelligent Capitalworks

¹Quote by Ted Schwartz, President of Capstone Investment Financial Group of Colorado Spring, CO., excerpted from RIABiz.

James Damschroder

CIO & Chief of Financial Engineering

James founded Gravity Investments in 2000 at the age of 26. His inventions for diversification measurement, optimization, search and visualizations form the core of Gsphere, used to help about 100 clients, such as investments managers, registered investment advisors, hedge funds, allocators and fund consultants manage or advise over twenty billion dollars. This experience allowed James to architect and engineer dozens of investment processes used by diverse clients. It is James’s vision to build technology to enable the combination of the best ideas and methodologies of our clients, or other proven strategies with our best practices in essential but overlooked dimensions of any investment process, all rooted in True Diversification®. James has developed unique skills for investment managers or even financial engineers, having expertise in quantitative finance, genetic algorithms, econometrics, database design, computational geometry, data visualization and modeling, intellectual property and strategy.  Prior to forming Gravity Investments, he was a floor broker at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a systems program trader and an investment advisor.

John Osland


John joined Gravity in 2008 as the CEO where his responsibilities include strategic planning, leadership and overall operations. During his career, John has led and facilitated private and institutional capital commitments of $100 million for early-stage companies including: equity, mezzanine, senior and subordinate debt, and M&A with economic development subsidies. His career highlights include co-founding the Consulting Solutions Division, Corporate Account Group, and the Global Business Partner Program at Intergraph, a Fortune 500 company and the leading global provider of engineering and geospatial software. More recently he held numerous high level positions including: Chairman of Gen Pharmaceuticals, CEO of MadCatz and co-CEO of LandInfo International. He earned his MBA in Finance the Daniels School of Business with a BA in economics cum laude with departmental distinction from DePauw University.