“Your graphics are spectacular and diversification maximization may be the next hot thing.”Harry Markowitz / 1991 Nobel Laureate in Economics
“Gsphere has allowed me to automate sound financial decisions, taking back our practice from arms-length third party money managers who charge exorbitant fees.” Beau Handy / Guidance Capital Management Group
“Absolutely no other program today can create a truly diversified optimal portfolio! You will regret not having it when you see your competition using it with your clients!”Larry Duncan / Strategic Planning Partners
“With G-Sphere I close 30% more business and 50% more high-net-worth business.”Independent Advisor / Florida
“People (investors) are so thrilled when I put it up on the big screen. They intuitively understand it when they see it.”Independent Advisor / Minnesota
“Gravity Investments is re-writing the asset allocation space. I would not be surprised to see G-Sphere become the next Bloomberg story.”Richard Bornhoft / The Bornhoft Group

Portfolio Efficiency

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