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Gsphere.Net Portfolio Manager has access to deep and powerful optimization faculties of Gsphere. You will have the ability to optimize portfolio in addition to the functionality geared for advisors: analytics, visualization, measurement, side-by-side comparisons, and proposal generation.

Optimization Policies

Shrinkage (James / Stein
Custom Shrinkage Targets
Correlation Calculation Options
Sample Weighting
Ability to Set the Calculation
Risk and Return Forecast Importing
Risk and Return manual
Risk and Return forecast blending
Risk and return estimation logging
Position Constraints
Global Constraints
Risk & Return Estimation Floor
Risk & return Estimation Ceiling
Custom Hurdle Rate
Easy Saving & Retrieval of Policy
Risk Definitions
Monte Carlo Simulation
Resampling / Superposition

System Overview

Diversification Optimization™
Diversification Visualization
Diversification Measurement
Client Portal
Risk Profiling
Unlimited Clients
Unlimited Portfolios
Max Portfolio size = 200
Portfolio Entry by Allocation,
Shares, Value
Global Exchange Listed Products
US Mutual Funds
Symbol Lookup
Custom Folders
Investor and Colleague Sharing
Website Embedding
Guest User Access for Lead

Reporting & Analytics

Custom Branding
3D pdf Generation
Excel Export
Profit & Loss Report
Correlation Matrix Report
Custom 3D Strategy Factsheets
Interactive Gsphere Graphics
Risk & Return Chart
Positions Chart
Return Table (Calendar or Trailing)
Risk Table
Diversification Source Chart
Allocation Chart
Performance Vs Benchmark
Benchmark Statistics
Advanced Quantitative Data
Asset Performance Spark charts
Systemic Risk Measurement
Custom Blended Benchmarks
Risk & return Bubble Chart
Upside & Downside Capture
Alpha, Beta, R2 & Yields
Dynamic Multi-period Portfolio


Portfolio Efficiency

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