A sub advisory relationship with Gravity comes with it Gsphere 3D. This is our powerful engine to optimize portfolios, used to advise or manage over 20 billion dollars (Not Gravity’s AUA or AUM). Today Gravity is the only place to get it. Gravity portfolio strategies are all based on this science. We offer a number of engagement models to fit different types of firms and business needs. Your access to in your local territory will give you powerful tools for analytics and proposals that impress and educate investors. All the while offering replicable and systematic portfolio strategies, strongly differentiated from typical advisors and grounded in the science of diversification.

Leverage the True Diversification® Network To Increase Your Assets Under Management (AUM)

Financial Advisors – When portfolio diversfifcation is applied correctly, the benefits to financial advisors and investors can be powerful and not just isolated to risk management.  They could also see an increase in the portfolio’s incremental performance.  Please visit our Youtube page for our definition of portfolio diversification and the varios types of portfolio diversification that exist.

Our Turn-key Asset Management Delivers Full Spectrum Investment Management and Marketing Services for Financial advisors. See Why We Should Be Your AUM-Building Partner.

  • Use True Diversification® to protect clients
  • Measure, then reduce systematic risk
  • See the whole picture with our holistic analysis
  • Win more high net worth business
  • Offer a unique diversification evaluation
  • Take the fear out of alternative investments
  • Expand and monetize referral sources
  • Private branded website applets
  • Market an investment approach you believe in
  • Sleep easy with our turnkey asset management service

Financial Advisors

financial advisors

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Engagement models for Financial Advisors

Sales & marketing

Technology & operations

Portfolio Strategies

Gsphere.Net analysis & proposals

Online materials library
Reporting from custodian or BD
Online training materials

One Gsphere.Net account
Access to GCP strategies
Associate benefits plus:
Gsphere.Net embedded to firm website

Case work

Custom branded materials

Firm wide access to Gsphere.Net

Custom trading and operations support

Overlays strategies

Dedicated portfolio manager
Member benefits plus:
Lead generation

Investment policy statements

Custom materials
(you ask, we build)
Full technology access
Concierge support

Reporting options

Custom strategies

Collaborative portfolios

20 Million
50 Million
100 Million

AUM Minimum